Computer Science (Informatics, Computing) has increasingly been developing a significant role in the world making a large contribution towards our understanding of concepts about skills, education and learning. The change of emphasis from digital fluency to deep computational thinking has led to an understanding that being a good computer scientist is more about thinking, exploring the diversity of intelligent devices and oneself, involving external representation of problem solving processes, and reflection on our own thinking – and even thinking about thinking itself.

The international Bebras challenge on Informatics and Computational Thinking ( promotes problem solving skills and Informatics concepts including the ability to break down complex tasks into simpler components, algorithm design, coding, modelling, parallelisation processes, pattern recognition, generalisation and abstraction.

It is a great honor to extend a warm invitation to 18th International Bebras Task Workshop to be held onsite in Strumica, Macedonia on May 16‒20, 2022. The venue of the event is Hotel Sirius.

The Bebras Task Workshop brings all Bebras member countries together from around the world to discuss, to create new tasks and to expand professional networks. It is crucial to the success of the Bebras initiative. The main goal of the Bebras Task Workshop is to bring together Informatics experts from different countries for discussion and development of tasks to be used for the challenge over a year in all 74 Bebras countries. The workshop will also include plenary talks, group leaders’ meetings, general meetings and discussions. We sincerely hope that all participants will use this valuable time for deep and profound discussions on the educational role and future perspectives of Bebras and make long-lasting friendships.

The hosting country of the 18th International Bebras Task Workshop, Macedonia, organizes the Bebras challenge in the last 6 years, with participation of over 12% of the primary and high school students around the country. We hope that with this workshop our community will be further inspired to broaden the reach of the Bebras challenge.

All the members of the organizing committee are looking forward to meeting you in Strumica, Macedonia on May 16‒20, 2022.